Drums, vocals

Jenelle has played the drums since 8 years old and has played in musicals, as a hired session player, and in popular rock, oldies and blues bands since the age of 15.

Her earliest influences are those Big Bands that her father took her to go see and hear live. Sometimes she was able to meet the drummers and sit behind their sets when she was only 9!

Locally, she’s played in "Phoenix", a band featuring Jay Aronolf, at 16, a young guitar Phnom and son of Ohio's famous Senator, Stanley Aronolf. That band played modern sophisticated rock (Pretenders, The Who, Blues Oyster Cult, Aerosmith, etc). There was also Nightshift featured on the radio often.

She started Dirty River in 1982 and it became a prominent, well know blues band playing to eager fans at local popular college clubs and on the radio, Television, headliner at regional festivals and more. Dirty River wrote and performed many originals and their performance was very high-energy or it could be very Delta (blues) traditional!

In 1986, Jenelle played with Gradual Taylor, who Gradual later called the best band he had ever put together in hindsight. The band consisted of Ernie Waits on bass, Jim Orwig, keyboards, who later joined “The Menu’s” and Jenelle on the drums, along with Sondra C who would go on to play in Dirty River together with Jenelle for the next 20 years!

Experimenting with electronic percussion (Linn Drum 'triggers') for the first time on an acoustic 1967 Ludwig drum set to augment her sound playing Dance music, she now uses in addition to her Tama, Ludwig and Yamaha acoustic sets many electronic instruments from complete Roland TD-10 and TD-25 electronic sets to Roland's new SPD-SX Sampling Pad, Roland triggers, bass drum pedals and much more!

After that Dirty River, Jenelle put together a band called The Boyz, a “favorite and classic oldies” group playing 50's/60’s, some Doo Wop, rockabilly and surf music. Jenelle resurrected Dirty River after a few years and played the local circuit as regulars on many stages, festivals, radio and Television, etc.

She loves CIncy Rock Yard, playing the songs she has enjoyed hearing all her life!

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